write an article on Answer The 5 Questions Provided.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Answer The 5 Questions Provided. It needs to be at least 750 words. For instance, in more mature markets, values such as prestige hold more sway than in less mature markets, where such things as fuel efficiency and overall cost of ownership are more important product values. So again the marketing has to be somewhat targeted to different markets rather than general or standardized for all markets.

There are country arrangements such as those that exist between North and South Korea that involve the latter limiting imports of fresh produce and other farm products from the former. This hurts South Korea too, given that in general the country benefits from having more ample food sources from more places, in the same way that it hurts North Korea’s ability to make profits from its agricultural work. The idea too is that North Korea may be in a position to supply farm produce at lower prices, introducing some competition to improve farming methods and yields at home for South Korea (Yonhap News Agency).

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write an article on Answer The 5 Questions Provided.
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Between American and France there is a world of cultural differences and attitudes surrounding feminine values, especially with regard to what they wear, and the same applies to certain apparel, such as blue jeans. In France there is a sensitivity to blue jeans being an American product, and there may be some fashion resistance springing from France’s proud culture to the adoption of blue jeans among women. On the other hand in America there is no adoption and acceptance problem of the kind that may be present in France. Therefore in magazine advertising in particular these cultural influences, of jaded attitudes towards garments that have heavy American connotations, there has to be sensitivity to crafting messages that tone down the American elements of blue jeans in France.

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