Write about a Canadian current event that occurred in the last two years.

Page 1 of 5 Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources University of Manitoba Department of Environment and Geography Geography of Canada (GEOG 2570) Fall 202 1 Current Canadian Events Societal Fault lines Assignments Assignment Overview Students are to produce two (2) current Canadian event summaries ( 1,000 -1,25 0 words each) that highlight one or more of the four (4) societal faultlines identified by Bone (2018 , p. 9 ). Each current event is worth 10 % towards your final grad for a total of 20% ( 2 x 10 % = 20%). A current event is an issue reported in the Canadian News media (i.e., CBC News, Global News, CityNews, The Globe and Mail, The Winnipeg Free Press) within the past two (2) years. Assignment Due Dates Assignment Due Date Value Current Canadian Event #1 (1,000 -1,250 words) Oct. 19 10 % Current Canadian Event #2 (1,000 -1,250 words) Nov . 2 3 10 % • Submit digital copy of assignment in a .pdf format through “Assignment Submission” on UM Learn. Late Policy • Ten percent (10%) a day will be deducted for late assignments, including weekends commencing as soon as the submission deadline has lapsed. • If you are having difficulty with completing an assignment on time, please talk to the instructor ahead of ti me, as alternate arrangements may be possible. • Extensions may be granted if the student has contacted the instructor via email in advance ( at least 24 -hours) of the assignment due date and self -declared their illness or compassionate circumstance . o Any ass ignment that has been granted an extension will be subjected to a one time 5% late penalty. *All work is to be completed independently * Information on academic integrity available below. Assignment Goals Societal faultlines are divisive tensions in Canadian society that have the potential to ‘destabilize Canada’s integrity as a nation’ (Bone, 2018 , p. 9 ). Given the importance of these societal faultlines , they are frequently discussed in mainstream news media and exemplify the unique and dynamic nature of Canada’s regional geography. The goals of this current events assignment are: Page 2 of 5 1. To understand the nature of societal faultlines and how they play out in curre nt Canadian society. 2. Engage student ’s critical thinking by requiring them to identify and analyse current social, economic, cultural and/or political issues in contemporary Canada and the connection to Canada’s societal fault line constructs. Overview of Faultlines The concept of fault lines is used in your course textbook ( Bone, 20 18 , p . 9-15 & p. 78 -111) to describe the economic, social, and political tensions that exist within and between Canada’s six (6) regions. Bone (2018) identifies four (4) Canadian societal faultlines: 1. English -speaking/French -speaking Canadians; 2. Centralists/Decentralists; 3. Newcomers and Old -Timers; 4. Indigenous minority / non -Indigenous majority. These complex and dynamic societal faultlines have profound regional consequenc es. They have historically played key roles in Canada’s evolution as a nation and continue to be important components of Canada’s national and regional character. Although these societal faultlines are not always at the forefront of the Canadian psyche, t hey sometimes turn into fractious disagreements that can threaten Canada’s national unity. Assignment Objectives 1. Develop critical thinking skills by: • Relating current events to Canadian societal faultlines as identified by Bone (2018). • Developing an awareness of current events and issues that affect Canadians by consulting credible contemporary media sources such (i.e., CBC News, Global News, CityNews, The Globe and Mail, The Winnipeg Free Press) • Applying a construct/concept/theory to bet ter understand current cultural/economic/political issues in Canada, and thus better understand Canadian regional geography. 2. Develop information literacy and research skills by: • Summarizing current news event s and relating them t o one (1) or more of the fo ur (4) Canadian societal faultlines identified by Bone (2018). • Demonstrat ing academic writing skills which include (but are not limited to): summarizing information, writing in an academic tone, using APA referencing, thesis statements, etc. • Finding, accessing, and assessing the content of credible media sour ce s and appropriately and effectively incorporating these sources into your assignment . 3. Think like a geographer by: • using a geographic lens to describe the current event /issue and associated societal fault line(s) using the following questions i. Wh ere ? ii. Wh y there? iii. Why care? Page 3 of 5 Assignment Format Each assignment will focus on a different current Canadian event /issue. In the assignment , you will identify and discuss how this issue reflects or illustrates at least one (1) or more of the four ( 4) Canadian societal fault line s. Include the following sections in each assignment : 1. Title Page : (1 page): a. Include title of assignment, name, course, date, and page number (top right) 2. Introduction : (1-2 paragraph s) a. Use “Introduction” as the section heading b. Include b ackground and significance of topic (referenced in APA) c. Definition of any relevant terms i.e . faultline d. Any claims must be referenced Avoid Plagiarism e. Must include thesis statement Thesis statement is should be the last sentence of the introduction. It should be obvious to the reader and should tell the reader exactly what to expect in the rest of the paper. Thesis Statements f. Introductions and Conclusions 3. Body of the Paper a. Create section heading that describes the current event • I.e. do not use “Body of Paper” b. Provide a brief summary (in your own words) of the current event/issue you have chosen for analysis. When describing the current event, use a geographic lens by answering the following questions: Where? Why there? Why care? You are encouraged to use more than one source. c. Clearl y identify the societal faultline(s) you are discussing. In your own words, provide evidence from your news article(s) that you find persuasive in explaining the societal Faultlines you have identified. d. Incorporating Sources: All information must be properly and thoroughly referenced in APA format (in -text citations and corresponding references in the references section). The majority of your information should be paraphrased. Direct quotations should rarely be used, unless preserving the original wo rding is essential to convey the meaning. See information below on how to avoid plagiarism 4. Conclusion : (1 paragraph) a. Use “Conclusion” as the section heading b. Restate the thesis statement (In different words than in the introduction ) c. Recaps main ideas d. Do es not introduce new information e. Introductions and Conclusions Page 4 of 5 5. Word Count : a. Word count should be inserted after the inclusion (before the reference section) a. Ie. “Word Count: 1,100” b. Word count includes the section headings, written text, and in -text citations a. References in the reference section, title page, and captions for any figures or tables are not part of the word count. 6. References : a. Use “References” as section he ading b. Students are expected to utilize a minimum of four (4) credible sources for each current event summary. You are encouraged to use more than four (4) credible sources • Your course textbook may count as one (1) source. Incorporate additional information sources (e.g., related news reports or other background info) to better describe and understand the selected issue . c. Note that four (4) relevant and credible sources are a minimum and if they are used appropriately in your assignment , an average grade for this section might be assigned as a C (60%). An assignment worthy of an “A” would effectively utilize more than four (4) sources. Keep in mind that using more than 4 sources does not necessarily guarantee an “A” as there are many c riteria being used to assess this assignment. See marking rubric on UM Learn 2. Figures and Tables (not required) • Properly referenced figures/tables are not required. However, if you want to include figures and tables, they must clarify and support concepts. a. Figures and tables are labelled at the top b. Figures/tables must be inserted at the end of the assignment after the reference page and must be referred to in the text. c. Does not count for the word count Additional formatting information • Research Papers are to be between 1,000 and 1,250 words written text (not including title page, references, maps, tables and figures (and their captions) ). Marks will be deducted for assignments that do not conform to the assignment length (to o short or too long). • Double -spaced (except title page, tables, figure and table captions which should be single spaced. ) 12 pt font, 1 -inch margins or 2.5 cm (right, left, top, bottom) • Use Headings for each Section (i.e. Introduction, Education, Healthcare, Conclusion, etc .) • Use APA format for general format (title page, page numbers, figure captions, table captions etc.) and referencing (in text citations and references). • Additional Information on APA: o https://libguides.lib.umanitoba.ca/ld.php?content_id=28439009 Page 5 of 5 • Use credible sources such as peer reviewed articles, credible news and mediawebsites • Use APA format • Wikipedia is NOT a credible academic source and therefore, should not be used • Sources without dates or authors should be carefully evaluated for credibility • Incorporating other people’s information (sources) into your paper is expected in a university paper. It is imper ative that information is quoted, paraphrased, and summarized correctly and fully referenced. It is considered plagiarism, and therefore, academic misconduct. Consult marking rubric provided on UM Learn for breakdown of marks for each secti on. Statement on Academic Integrity • Students are responsible for ensuring they understand the University of Manitoba’s policy on Academic Integrity (plagiarism, cheating, and examination impersonation). These policies are available in the University Catalog 20 21-20 22, General Academic Regulations https://umanitoba.ca/registrar/academic -calendar Additional Resou rces • Avoiding Plagiarism: https://libguides.lib.umanitoba.ca/ld.php?content_id=28463232 • APA Style Guide: https://libguides.lib.umanitoba.ca/c.php?g=298394 • U of M Libraries Citing and Writing: https://libguides.lib.umanitoba.ca/c itingandwriting • Paraphrasing : http://umanitoba.ca/student/academiclearning/media/Paraphrasing.pdf

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Write about a Canadian current event that occurred in the last two years.
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