Write a modified Briefing Note. (3 pages maximum)

Rubric – Evaluate one of Canada’s terms on the UNSC

Either alone or with up to 2 other classmates, complete the following assignment.

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Write a modified Briefing Note. (3 pages maximum)
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You will evaluate one of Canada’s terms on the UNSC (1948 – 1949; 1958-59; 1967-68 or 1977-1978) along the following criteria.

  1. Canadian interests attained (if any) and by what means?
  2. Canadian values upheld/promoted and in what context
  3. Allies supported
  4. Contribution to a significant event that was a threat to international peace and security.
  5. What did Canada gain or lose?
  6. What is one lesson learned from Canada’s experience on the UNSC which could be helpful to Mr. Bob Rae, the current Permanent Representative for Canada to the UN?

This will be written in the form of a modified Briefing Note. You must use the template provided.

This assignment has little writing (max 3 pages) but will require a lot of research. I recommend you divide and conquer. You must cite mainly primary sources.

Grading CriteriaAssessmentComments
Purpose• 2 sentence summary identifying the term chosen and overall opinion of the success of the term.Satisfactory (2 pts)Needs Improvement (1 pt)
Background• do you correctly identify Permanent Representative and other states?Have you characterized the geopolitical mood at the time and/or major event at the time which may or may not be discussed at the UNSC?Excellent (4 pts)Very Good (3 pts)Satisfactory (2 pts)Needs Improvement (1 pt)
Interests and ValuesDo youIdentify Canadian interests attained (if any) and by what meansCanadian values upheld/promoted and in what contextAllies supported? How and in what context?Excellent (4 pts)Very Good (3 pts)Satisfactory (2 pts)Needs Improvement (1 pt)
Key eventIdentify the key event during the term and Canada’s contribution to that event. (Was it to vote in particular way? Contribute troops? Do nothing? Perhaps we were a hindrance?) Outline the context and Canada’s actions in 2 – 3 paragraphsExcellent (4 pts)Very Good (3 pts)Satisfactory (2 pts)Needs Improvement (1 pt)
Conclusion and EvaluationWhat did Canada gain or lose by serving on the UNSC and what was the opinion of the Canadian public at the time?What is one lesson learned which would be helpful for Mr. Rae serving at the UN today?Excellent (4 pts)Very Good (3 pts)Satisfactory (2 pts)Needs Improvement (1 pt)Remember, you provide APOLITICAL advice. You are providing the best option for the CROWN, not for the government of the day.
Clarity and referencing• Paragraphs flow logically• Well-constructed sentences• Free of repetition and/or contradiction• Well proof-read• Consistent referencingExcellent (4 pts)Very Good (3 pts)Satisfactory (2 pts)Needs Improvement (1 pt)
References used2 = yes with skill1= yes but plunked in0 = noDo you make use of the primary sources suggested above? It is ESSENTIAL you cite from the UNSC website at a minimum. Consider such things as Canada’s voting record while on the Council. How many resolutions were passed?
RemindersIs it within 3 pages?On time?Do you follow the template?
Final Grade and Comments: /24

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