Write a modified Briefing Note. (3 pages maximum)


To evaluate Canada’s term on the UNSC from XXXXXX. Overall, the term was XXXXXXX (one sentence only.)

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Write a modified Briefing Note. (3 pages maximum)
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  • Who was Canada’s Ambassador and what other states (besides P5 were on the UNSC at the same time. Note, it will change ½ through Canada’s term
  • One sentence on the world order during the two years (e.g. was Cold War heating up? Had there been a recent major event like the Cuba Missile Crisis?)


  • Identify Canadian interests attained (if any) and by what means
  • Canadian values upheld/promoted and in what context
  • Allies supported? How and in what context?


  • Identify the key event during the term and Canada’s contribution to that event. (Was it to vote in particular way? Contribute troops? Do nothing? Perhaps we were a hindrance?) Outline the context and Canada’s actions in 2 – 3 paragraphs.


  • What did Canada gain or lose by serving on the UNSC and what was the opinion of the Canadian public at the time?
  • What is one lesson learned which would be helpful for Mr. Rae serving at the UN today?

Essential hints

Remember, you are always NONPARTISAN

The majority of your sources should be PRIMARY sources (e.g. GAC, UNSC website). Other souces include secondary sources (International Journal, books on Canada and the UNSC) Tertiary sources (news articles – use with care).

Normally, one doesn’t cite in a briefing note but you must! Use Chicago or and cite all facts and ideas that are not yours.

Think tanks like The Security Council Report will be helpful. See https://www.securitycouncilreport.org/

3 pages MAXIMUM.

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