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Is the primary protagonist portrayed in the novel a good mother?

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write a Critical Book Review 
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Aditya Parmar

PSY 1012

Prof Liebert

11/13/21 2

Is the primary protagonist portrayed in the novel a good mother?

The reading of the novel which is not for every person’s novel concerns the story

surrounding a family which is starting as the sound of music ideality. In the house, they have

gotten four children, a loving mother as well as a father, a huge family besides centering on

home as well as the family for Harriet together with David. For the entire third of the novel

where we read its loving and a story revolving around a successful marriage, the family as well

as an inclusive large family which is extended.

When it comes to having the fifth child in the novel, named Ben. The child can be seen as

completely different from the other four children born in the family, they do not know what is

wrong with the child. According to their assessment what they see it’s not like the normal

condition which is known, the child appears to be sort of some semi-human in the novel, as well

as even as the tiny child starts to disrupt the family ideality as well as joy.

After the couple has enjoyed their marriage for years, they are not in a position of dealing

with the situation of Ben who was the fifth child, is being sent off. For Harriet who is the mother,

she cannot accept this hence going where she had not been sent as well as discovering that it was

a place where it will be allowed to die. She is not in a position of dealing with the matter and

brings the child back home.

With time Ben ends up destroying the family and the lives. In the other two-thirds of the

novel, the story is like a horror where Ben starts wrecking the lives of the family. Nevertheless,

the entire story seems much large than the story of destruction for society in the mid of the 20 th

century. It’s a phenomenon where none of the individuals seems to fully understand, but many

seem to be seeing horrors that are coming to the human race in our time. 3

Given the story of the novel, the family has been living a peaceful and happy life with the

other four children but the coming of the fifth born was like a curse to the family. It has been a

great challenge for the family to deal with the matter. Though children are a blessing the situation

which the two parents were facing was seen as a curse. For them getting a fifth child was

supposed to bring happiness to the family while the results were the opposite. In this case, the

parents have tried their best, for the mother what she is thinking with the child is because she has

reached the end and is unaware of what she can do in this case. She wants her family to remain

together though the child is bringing a strain to the relationship leading to the verge of collapse

for a family which did not expect things to turn in this manner.

Harriet is telling the family they do not intend to take hiatus from having other children

due to the experience she has faced with Ben, but she will try for the baby who is number five.

When a time comes, the pregnancy is far from crying from the previous four. For Harriet, she

was uncomfortable from starting as well as the baby moving around most of the time where was

trying to kick the way to get out of the belly. For the son Ben, child was born when eight months.

There was no connection immediately between Harriet as well as the new baby. The child was

strange looking as well as whispering that the child could be more changeling than the human

child. For Ben, he was very aggressive. He was pulling the brother through rails for the crib

where Paul’s wrist was almost broken. Harriet confined Ben in a room to stay alone since he was

a great threat to the wellbeing of the siblings.

Looking at the acts of the child who could not be with the siblings in peace was terrifying

for Harriet. She thought to have the safety of the other children then Ben has to be locked in a

room. In a way, this was a solution for protecting the other children but for Ben, it could be seen

as if she did not care. When a mother reaches this level where she treats a child in that manner it 4

means she has gone through a lot with the child hence she was somehow tired and lacked the

necessary skills which are required for the upbringing of the child. From reading the novel

Harriet was a good mother when you look at the case of bringing up the four siblings to Ben

there is no complaint about the children. For the case of Ben, it was extraordinary which resulted

in strain in the relationship of the family. For the mother, she wanted the best for her child but for

Ben, he could not even play in peace with the siblings where he started to beat them that making

the mother feel the child Was a threat to the wellbeing of other children. At times the mother

might not be having a means for staying with the child all the time and the siblings have to be

with the brother but what occurs in the case makes the mother decide to lock Ben in a room to

avoid any kind of injury to the other siblings.

In conclusion, being a good mother depends on the situation one is going through. For a

childlike Ben, the mother tried her best since this kind of child leads to rejection of the parents

even within the society. The parents end up being stressed in the upbringing of the child which

could negatively impact them. From the story there was a strain on the marriage life of the family

and impacted the happiness of the parents. The mother had to try her best to ensure that her

marriage did not break. 5


Lessing, D. (1988). The fifth child . Vintage.

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