Write a 9 pages paper on mass communication and diplomacy

Write a 9 pages paper on mass communication and diplomacy. Many policymakers and other stakeholders, within the diplomatic circles, have since increasingly depended on information from the media in making decisions regarding conflict resolution. The media has become a fundamental part of mediating diplomatic communications necessitated by the presence of conflicts.

Tele-diplomacy can be defined as a modern communication system that has been effectively adopted in enhancing diplomatic communication. This communication involves the utilization of television broadcast messages in conveying diplomatic messages to different sections of the public(Bakir, 2010). The messages conveyed through televisions are sometimes considered depicting the interest of the nation from which the media comes. This has been significantly developed because of the increased media participation in political processes, an aspect which has made the media become an essential part of the political process. The capability for this form of media to reach a wide coverage within a short duration presents the fundamental reason for the increased utilization of television(Wetzstein, 2010). Globalization has resulted in the increased reliance on television in undertaking many aspects and understanding different regions of the world. Similarly, diplomats have effectively mastered the utilization of television in enhancing diplomacy.

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Write a 9 pages paper on mass communication and diplomacy
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Traditionally, diplomatic communications involved various governments and their representatives communicating through secret messages, which remained private. The element of secrecy became synonymous with diplomatic communication. Increased introduction of technological devices and technological advancement, have transformed the element of diplomacy and made it become something public. Many of the involved diplomats have increasingly appreciated the utilization of the electronic media as a channel for diplomatic communications. Public statements made on national televisions and published through various electronic media have become fundamental in enhancing diplomacy between different nations. The capability for live broadcasts in various activities has enhanced telediplomacy as an element of diplomatic communication. Many significant occurrences, globally have commonly been communicated throughout the world through the utilization of live coverage of the events as they unfold.

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