Write a 8 pages paper on the domestic analogy in the context of liberal reform program.

Write a 8 pages paper on the domestic analogy in the context of liberal reform program. Seeking approval from the public by the government is under the presumption that if governments are accountable, they have nothing to hide, but to give the public accurate and full information on the situation. The need to restore world peace is what pushed Woodrow Wilson soon after the First World War to create the infamous league of liberal democracies largely to keep and sustain peace in Europe. Although the domestic analogy is an idea that was derived from the concept of democratic peace. Many people, who were in support of the same, felt that it would have been applied effectively to not only the first world war but also on the second world war (Smith, 1992).

The essence of the domestic analogy begins off from the fundamental premise that states are more like citizens and, on the other hand, the globe is more like a big state on itself. The domestic analogy is built on the presumptions that the creation of states and the enforcement of peace can also be done on the international scale. (Doyle, 1986). The domestic analogy is the fundamental principle that underlies the formation of organizations, for example, the League of Nations and the United Nations. It is, however, crucial to state categorically that these organizations granted states themselves rights, in the same way, citizens have rights in their constituent states.

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Write a 8 pages paper on the domestic analogy in the context of liberal reform program.
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In order for an international organization to grant such exclusive rights, the organization must have the capability of using military power to act as a deterrent to starting a war. This is, in the same way, as the states do as they exercise their sovereign power. It is, however, not an easy task for the organizations to implement the same on a massive scale such as on the international scale (Richardson, 1997). This is largely so because about half the nations around the globe have not&nbsp.subscribed to their membership to the organizations. consequently, they are ruled by their ideologies. The non-member nations are usually afraid of surrendering their rights to self-defense simply because of the unfounded fears of losing wholly or part of their sovereignty.

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