Write a 8 pages paper on crisis intervention: rationales in solving societal crisis.

Write a 8 pages paper on crisis intervention: rationales in solving societal crisis. There is no single person who would love seeing another person suffering because of his or her activity. However, in certain circumstances, causing others to suffer is essentials for the overall good of others. This drives us into defining punishment. Generally, punishment constitutes causing pain, and, many people tend to ask themselves whether punishing other people with the intention of either correcting their behaviors or without a causative reason is wrong.

Most philosophers have different opinions concerning these issues. One group maintains that causing pain on others in the form of punishing them is significantly different from causing pain to innocent persons. The latter is inherently right. On the other hand, some philosophers believe that punishment becomes wrong and it is only justifiable if the outcome is positive. Philosophers believe that the first view is unnecessary in justifying punishment beyond the fact that people deserve it. This form of punishment intended for the overall good of others falls under the retributive approach. The second approach in which punishment is unjustifiable falls under the utilitarian approach. Retributive and utilitarian approaches are the two rationales that philosophers use in describing the aspect of punishment.

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Write a 8 pages paper on crisis intervention: rationales in solving societal crisis.
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Retributive rationale – The first philosophical approach or rather rationale considers punishment as significant and not evil. In this approach, the form of punishment instilled balances the wrongs committed. However, some circumstances may challenge this rationale. For instance, revenge is personal and not essentially proportional to the injuries caused but retribution is impersonal and proportional to the injuries inflicted. This, therefore, challenges the policymakers in defining punishment.

Philosophers even after facing challenges in defining punishment, comes with another definition of punishment.

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