Write a 7 pages paper on modern chinese history.

Write a 7 pages paper on modern chinese history. According to him, self-strengthening programs that advocated for training led to the introduction of modern schools and arsenal. To achieve National and personal strength, he acknowledged that it does not only arise from the&nbsp.physical effort&nbsp.but also the will to acquire and preserve. He argued that a strong leadership and physical prowess merely depend on the will of the individuals to act heroically (Schell 205). These notions intertwined with Confucius teachings help to shape the beliefs and behavior of the nation.

Although some individuals despised his concepts and ideas, he demonstrated, taught, and inspired Chinese through his writing through his publications. These writings were effective in cultivating moral standard inspired by truth. This resulted in the eruption of May Fourth Incident in 1919, where individuals demonstrated. A movement by the name May Fourth movement emerged with a collective desire to liberate China and cultivate a new Chinese culture (Schell 207). It targeted to change the political system of the country to make it flexible to accommodate further changes that may occur in the future. Although the movement did not have a clear objective, they opted to attract good governance even though it shall be through violent and harsh manner. The group appreciated the concepts that Mao taught in Chen Duxius, New Youth. According to the movement, direct violent among other political actions are fundamental ingredients for revolutionary action.

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Write a 7 pages paper on modern chinese history.
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After working for a longer time in the university library, Mao Zedong returned home in 1920 to form a study group. The group discussed Marxism and socialist&nbsp.ideologies.Within the group, he emphasized the concept of Marxism especially the historical materialism that described history and dynamics of developing the&nbsp.history.

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