Write a 7 pages paper on aspects of free speech.

Insight on freedom of speech became an issue way in the 6th and 5th century BC among the Athenians democratic. Later on, the Roman republic introduced both freedoms of religion and speech. The strides made at this time mark some of the earliest steps made towards ensuring that there is freedom of expression.In the contemporary world, there have been explicit guidelines on freedom of speech as expressed in various constitutions in the world (Harris, 2009). For instance, in the United States, freedom of expression is not total. the United States Supreme Court has identified several categories of speech.

Hence, they need to be restricted reasonably to the timing, manner, and place when they are used. Some of the major restrictions identified include obscenity, inciting imminent lawless action, child pornography, and regulation of advertisements to ensure that they meet minimum decency standards.Most limitation on free speech is made to balance human rights. They include limiting the use of other people’s words like those of authors in order to maintain their copyright. Further, there are limitations to the use of fighting words on colleagues.

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Write a 7 pages paper on aspects of free speech.
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Lastly, people are protected from the use of untruth words that may be used to harm others imposing a limitation on the same. The limitations are not only restricted to speech, but they are also applicable to various acts that may have significance symbolically. Limitations on freedoms of speech have to be observed to ensure that they do not infringe on human rights. At the same time, there is a wide range of implications on freedom of speech by different concepts like federalism, civil rights, and civil liberty in American society.

The freedom of speech has been shaped over time in relation to these conceptsCivil liberties are meant to protect human beings from powerful entities that include, the government, cooperation, and even individuals who are more powerful. The government of the United&nbsp.States ensures that people express themselves freely at the same enjoy the other person’s expression without oppression from other entities that may be more powerful than the individual.&nbsp.

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