Write a 5 pages paper on the teachings of the prophet Mohamed and Gautama buddha.

Write a 5 pages paper on the teachings of the prophet mohammed and gautama buddha. This is not the case with the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed who, living in Mecca in the Arabian Peninsula a thousand years later, did not believe in reincarnation and instead advocated for the existence of one life while at the same time teaching that God should be the only focus of the lives of individuals. Despite the similarities and differences between the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed and Gautama Buddha, the essential truths that they developed had a significant impact on the societies around them. creating some of the most enduring religions in world history.

The Buddha is one of the most influential figures in the history of the Asian continent mainly because it is his teachings that led to the development of Buddhism, one of the most influential religions in the Far East. A prince who renounced his royal rights, the Buddha chose to undertake the task of finding out the reason for human suffering. It is essential to note that this task took him many years and there came a time when he was seated under the Bodhi tree: he came to achieve enlightenment (Schumann, 2003). The Buddha’s enlightenment consisted of what came to be known as the Four Noble Truths, and these became the basic tenets of Buddhism as a religion. The first of these is that suffering is an inevitable part of life and it cannot be escaped by those individuals who are alive. Secondly, he stated that human desire was the cause of suffering since it is the nature of human beings to desire. The third truth was that suffering can be brought to an end and this could only be attained through the fourth truth, which was that there was a specific path through which suffering could be brought to an end. The Buddha taught that human suffering could only be terminated through the pursuit of a life that observed the ethical standards of the Eightfold Path because it was through this observation that individuals could be able to achieve enlightenment and bring their suffering to an end.

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Write a 5 pages paper on the teachings of the prophet Mohamed and Gautama buddha.
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