Write a 5 pages paper on the classroom religion program.

Write a 5 pages paper on the classroom religion program. This is one of the foundations that are necessary for students to learn about the Eucharist. This is an important aspect taught in Catholic schools and it ensures that students get to have a historical understanding coupled with an experience of the divine reality that surrounds the Eucharist. The instructions in a classroom in relation to religious education in a Catholic school are meant to make students embrace the church’s doctrines and beliefs. Some of the areas to touch on are the Apostle’s Creed and Nicene Creed (Wandel, 2006). They are areas that express in a short and precise manner the Catholic Church’s beliefs. The students that are the appropriate age for this method of teaching are of 8 years and below. The reason for this is that before one understands the symbolism of the Eucharist it is important to appreciate the one behind it, Jesus Christ. The Mass processes carried out during the last super meaning symbolized an end to one thing and a beginning of another. Understanding what was ending and starting is of paramount importance to young Catholics who need to know the basis of their faith.

The last super was taken by Jesus together with His disciples. It is important to look into the full symbolism of such action in respect to communal activities. Celebrating that moment in His remembrance through Holy Communion is an act of sharing, according to Davis and Hays (2003). The Catholic Church’s beliefs are based on togetherness or oneness and such instances bring people together as children of God. This is one of the major teachings that should be instilled to students. Rather than have the communion be a time of sorrowful remembrance it should reflect a joyful celebration, for He died for all of us to be free. This offers to back as to why one should be a Catholic Church affiliate (White and Mitchell, 2003).

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Write a 5 pages paper on the classroom religion program.
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What is most important for students to have is the full understanding of the mystery of Christ. They need to have sufficient knowledge of what the Eucharist is about.

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