Write a 5 pages paper on the character of the 21st century is expected to be war prone.

Write a 5 pages paper on the character of the 21st century is expected to be war prone. Any nation that tries to compete with the superpowers is attacked indirectly. Therefore, the 21st-century world is likely to be dominated by wars in the struggle for survival and supremacy.

The 21st century is likely to be war prone because of the struggle for superpowers among world nations. According to Mearshein, he came up with a number of assumptions that explain why the structure of international relations is made up of nations who have selfish gains for their own states rather than to the world as a whole1. As a result, the great power nations around the world seek for supremacy, maximum wealth, dominion over the land and nuclear superiority. To gain their superpowers the great nations have embarked on “war, blackmail, bait and bleed, bloodletting, balancing and buck-passing”.

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Write a 5 pages paper on the character of the 21st century is expected to be war prone.
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Mearshein came up with a number of assumptions explaining paths nations pursue to become superpowers. The first reason is that international relations is anarchic. Meaning that the world is dominated by nations seeking security competition and war. In international relations, all nations are equal because there is no state government, which has powers over other states government. Secondly, most states possess some offensive military capability. Through military power, nations can destroy each when conflicts of any kind arise. Nevertheless, some states have great military powers than others, because of the availability of modern weaponry, therefore, proving to be more dangerous than other nations4. The struggle for supremacy is also initiated by the lack of certainty of the intentions of other nations. Even though states try to live in harmony, aggressiveness against another state can originate from nowhere leading to war. This, therefore, has necessitated most states to stay alert and not to trust neighboring nations.

Most nations strive for survival with diverse intentions in mind. The need for supremacy, wealth, military power and land has resulted in a number of cases of war.

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