Write a 5 pages paper on implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices.

Write a 5 pages paper on implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices. Computers, printers, fluorescent tube among other items consume energy. Organizations need to limit expenditure on energy use. Employees should be encouraged to switch off gadgets that they do not use. Computers, printers and other gadgets should be unpowered when not in use. Some of the electronic gadgets can be shared instead of having them in each office. A printer can be placed centrally in the office where employees can share it (Wilson et al. 87).

An organization can also ensure that energy-saving bulbs get installed in the offices to reduce the amount of energy consumed per day. Normal bulbs have a high rating in terms of watts. The bulbs consume a lot of energy thus increasing the expenditure of the organization. Energy-saving bulbs are costly but in the long run, save the company from incurring high energy costs. During the day, it is bright, and employees should be encouraged to switch off the lights. Leaving the lights on during the day contributes to high energy costs. Bulbs can only be switched on in dark rooms where illumination is required (Wells and Geoffrey, 96)

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Write a 5 pages paper on implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices.
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Notices can be put at strategic places reminding the employees of the need to save energy. After office hours, it is advisable to switch off the office lights. Only the security lights should be left on. A guard can be employed to switch on the lights at an appropriate time. A company can also choose to automate the system where the lights switch-on at sunset and switch off at sunrise. This can go a long way in ensuring that the organization conserves energy. In factories where several machines are used, one machine can be substituted for another. Machines should only be operated when a process is taking place and switched off the power after the process ends (Roberts and Peter, 124)

The organization should also have a waste management policy. A waste management policy ensures that the environment is clean.

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