Write a 5 pages paper on identity, social space and an analysis of the average gym.

Write a 5 pages paper on identity, social space and an analysis of the average gym. As a function of this level of similarity, the following analysis will be concentric upon discussing and analyzing what uniformity of social constructs and/or identity formation is able to take place within these respective spaces.

Firstly, before delving into the unique dynamics of any particular gym, it must be understood and denoted that individuals utilize a gym for one of two unique reasons. The first reason and rationale that an individual makes use of their local gym is with regards to the fact that this space is a means to an end as a function of increasing vitality, improving overall well-being, and generally seeking to provide a level of fitness and exercise to the body. The secondary group that integrates with the gym is one that can be categorized as utilizing this particular space for the sole purpose of aspect improvement. Whereas aesthetic improvement can most certainly be seen as a tangential benefit for the first group, the prime focus of the second group is to engage with this space as a function of drawing attention to their own bodies and maximizing certain features that they had targeted for improvement. The subtle differences between these two groups, although somewhat mundane, is an ineffective measurement of how each and every gym is ultimately set up. The underlying rationale for this has to do with the purpose for which both of these groups engage with the service that the gym provides. As such, prior to delving into the way in which a gym is able to speak to the needs of all of its participants, understanding the way in which these two dynamic groups exists in a contemporary setting is pivotal in understanding the manner through which social hierarchy, identity, and understanding of self are evidenced within this particular space.

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Write a 5 pages paper on identity, social space and an analysis of the average gym.
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From such an understanding, the first aspect of social hierarchy that can be determined is concentric upon the way in which those individuals within the first group integrate with one another and with other gym-goers.

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