Write a 5 pages paper on how a terrorist attack can take place in the usa.

Write a 5 pages paper on how a terrorist attack can take place in the usa. Nonetheless, in 2007-2008, 60%-62% of Americans had restored their sense of safety in their homeland, which was once again snatched by certain recent events. The most recent poll shows that 42% of Americans think that compared to September 11, 2001, the country is less safe today from terrorism. This can be attributed to the Christmas 2009 bombing plot by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab,&nbsp.traveling in Northwest Airlines Flight 253 en route to Detroit (More Effective Security, Not More Draconian Security).

Similarly, when asked about the U.S Government’s ability to prevent further terrorist attacks, the majority of the respondents believed in the Government to a good to a fair amount. However, two things should be noted here: the 11/27/01 responses show that 24% of the respondents claimed that the government could prevent further terrorist attacks. right after an event like 9/11 takes place. This can be due to the exhaustive efforts of the Government to maintain public trust right after 9/11. Also, there are no polls after Christmas 2009 that can tell us the change in faith in the government after an attempt of terrorism.

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Write a 5 pages paper on how a terrorist attack can take place in the usa.
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It is interesting to note that according to this poll, the expectation of the people that a terrorist attack can take place in the U.S over the next several weeks is high, with the majority of the responses being ‘very high’ and ‘somewhat likely.’ This clearly shows that terrorism thrives on fear of the masses. Terrorists understand the psyche of the people and make use of their vulnerability. There might be constant threats given to the U.S government by terrorist groups. Unfortunately, when such threats, even if they are baseless, are broadcasted over the media, further fuel fears in the masses and only motivate terrorists to carry out an act of violence (Terrorist Behavior).

However, when the same question was asked again, but the respondents’ community was&nbsp.singled out as the terrorists’ target, most of the population responded that it was not at all likely that a terrorist attack can be carried out on their community.

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