Write a 5 pages paper on fatherhood concepts.

Write a 5 pages paper on fatherhood concepts. In this essay, I will argue that fathers play a vital role in the lives of their children and Frank is the best father for Brando and his family. The memoir ‘Take this Man” written by Brando Skyhorse is a story about a boy who grew up with five stepfathers and a mother who tried to do her best for the son, but there was a problem that she could not tell him the truth. The main character was left by his father at the age of three years and got the name Brando Skyhorse. His mother used to live with five different men, one dad about every three years and one of them was Frank, a Mexican-American. One more thing is that the mother Maria Teresa tried to explain to the boy that each new man was a father and he should accept and respect them. One a man came, and then left breaking the boy’s love into pieces. In addition to this, there was a grandmother, and they lived in her house. She was a so-called “man of the house”. she used to set different rules and tried always to teach someone. Another thing is that she was keen on movies. Moreover, she was a hardworking person. When she saw Frank for the first time, she really liked him. Frank was a good person. he had spent his childhood with nana, because his father was so tired after work, that he could not devote himself to parenting. Frank became a father to the boy, but he had no intention to stand between him and his real father. Furthermore, this man tried to devote his time to the boy and had never kept him aside. However, the mother’s temper also played one of the major roles. The man was afraid of her attacks and maybe that was a reason why he did not make a proposal. On the other hand, he loved Brando, because he reminded him of his childhood with a nanny and he wanted to be a support and an example for the boy. And when Frank left, the heart of both mother and son was broken into pieces.

At the age of thirty-three, the man decided to find his biological father, and later he understood that daddies are needed in childhood but not for an adult. Later at the age of thirty-six, he sent a letter to his father and attached a few scanned photographs to it (Books.simonandschuster.com).

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Write a 5 pages paper on fatherhood concepts.
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