Write a 5 pages paper on a framework for christian sexual ethics.

Write a 5 pages paper on a framework for christian sexual ethics. Mary Malone writes that women’s roles in the church have been reduced to nurture, beauty, and service.

The Papal Concept on the position of women in the church

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Write a 5 pages paper on a framework for christian sexual ethics.
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The popes of the twentieth century have been formulating reforms aimed at enhancing the importance of women’s role in the church. In their speeches and encyclicals, they have been showing appreciation of the contributions made by women. The popes’ attitude towards women has led to the revocation of traditional oppressions leveled against women in the church. Reconfirmation and expansion of the role of women in catholic churches were done by the 2nd Vatican Council.

Pope Leo XIII had is responsible for the initiation of the new era that focuses on enhancing the stance of women within the church. Catholics in the 19th Century were embracing earlier teachings that gender inequality is a natural order that owes its initiation to the creator. There was no level of social influence that could make them change this perception. In the long run, both men and women had to embrace the fact that their mission in the world is to complement and extend assistance to each other.


Since 1878, the papal conception of a woman’s position in church and society has been going through various transformations. The initiation of the major transformations was done by Pope Leo XIII. The transformation has led to a transition from earlier segregation of women to the embracement of their role in both the society and the church.

Question Two

Christian Sexual Ethics


Sexual ethics has been a major topic of discussion over the years. During the times of Plato, he reacted to issues relating to sex and the probability of homosexual and heterosexual relations. Martin Luther mounted criticism on the view of sexual desires in a way that made people prefer celibacy. Christian teachings put emphasis on the importance of developing family units and avoiding celibacy.

A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics

Various theories and arguments have existed mainly leveled on sexual ethics. Different societies have different formulations of sexual norms that guide sexual activities and relationships. Cultural and class diversities influence the guidelines that control human sexual lives.

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