Write a 4 pages paper on marketing feasibility analysis.

Fuze is a non-carbonated fruit drink enriched with vitamins. It is one of the most popular drinks especially among school and college students. This study will focus on the marketing feasibility for Fuze drink in Saudi Arabia. It will also cover various aspects of feasibility study. In a country like Saudi Arabia where alcoholic drinks are banned, fruit drinks like Fuze have a good prospect for growth. Effective marketing can lead to even better results (Fuze Drink, “Fuze Drink”).

Feasibility study is concerned with the analysis of various determinants of forces which affect the business in order to determine whether a business opportunity is economically, technically, financially and socially feasible or not.

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Write a 4 pages paper on marketing feasibility analysis.
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It is used as a supportive measure for business decision making process regarding viability of any project. It helps business entrepreneurs to take a realistic view of both positive and negative aspect of an opportunity (Hoagland, “What is a feasibility study?”).

Marketing feasibility study is one of the dimensions of business feasibility study, which deals with analyzing the demand and supply of the product in the market and the factors affecting them. Variables like price, place, promotion and physical evidence, which are the main Ps of marketing, are evaluated for the feasibility of the product.

Pricing the product: Pricing is considered as one of the most important aspect of marketing as it is related with success and failure of any product. If the price is soaring then customers may not accept it and if it is too low, then the company may not earn profit. Fuze Beverages need to adopt a pricing policy after taking into consideration different factors like, cost in production and advertising, price of its competitor’s product, and capacity of consumers.

Market segmentation: A detailed study of market is necessary if Fuze drink wants to capture market through segmentation.

At first a thorough analysis of market must be done.

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