Write a 4 pages paper on individual argument assignment.

Write a 4 pages paper on individual argument assignment. The argument shows that God is responsible for allowing evil to exist. God has the power to stop evil by stopping the evil persons from that since there is evil in the world (Lavery & Hughes, 2008).

Further, Einstein’s argument Evil is the absence of God, who exists shows a logical argumentation. Einstein uses the logic of the darkness and light to prove his argument. Einstein insists that cold and darkness was invented by people to explain the absence of heat and light. However, God did not create darkness and cold. Similarly, evil is the absence of God in the lives of the evil persons. Consequently, God did not create evil but some individuals chose to exercise their free will to be evil by making God from their daily lives (Asheim, 2006).

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Write a 4 pages paper on individual argument assignment.
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Furthermore, there are weaknesses in the arguments between the professor and the student, Einstein. In every rule there is always an exemption. Just because God created everything does not literally include creating evil. On the other hand, individuals commit evil by refusing to obey God’s laws to be good citizens. In the Einstein statement Evil is the absence of God, who exists may not be all true. In the story of Noah’s Ark, God flooded the entire earth to kill the evil people of the world (Tucker, 2005). God can do something to remove the evil individuals from society. God can lend a hand to stop the evil persons’ acts. The use of a better premise will translate an argument to a more effective one. If the premise is erroneous, the conclusion is questionable. If the premise is logically persuasive, the conclusion is tenable (Louw, 1998).

Further, the professor and Einstein could have done a better job at improving their concepts. The professor could have stated: God did not create everything in this world. The revised statement shows that persons exercise their free will to do evil acts by refusing to obey God’s laws. The professor is using wrong logical reasoning.

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