write a 200-400 word discussion board post in which you answer the following

I. Introduction
a. Quick summary of short story
b. Include name of story and author
c. Thesis statement: The story “Story Name Here” makes a clear and strong statement
regarding race and class in American in the 1950s. The characterization, symbols and setting
details demonstrate the negative impact that racism and poverty has on people and on
II. First main point: Characterization illustrates how the racism in America in the 1950s, as
well as the struggles of poverty negatively impact the lives of the main characters.
a. Quote from story (integrated into my own sentence)
b. Example from story
c. I explain how these examples prove my point
III. Second main point: Symbols in this story also emphasize the challenges caused by
racism and poverty.
a. The door is a symbol of racism, because Steve can’t go through the door…
b. The ring is a symbol of Steve’s oppression because….
c. The lost shoe is a symbol of the weight of poverty, because…
IV. Third main point: Setting details further illustrate the negative impact of racism and
America’s class system in the 1950s.
a. Social environment details like Steve’s job and home
b. Details about the neighborhood
c. Quote about how the bus system doesn’t go to his neighborhood
V. Conclusion
a. brief restatement of thesis
b. brief reminder of main idea
Things to notice about this outline:

  1. It is organized around the thesis. Each of the main points comes from the thesis.
  2. All arguments are supported with examples from the story. Quotes would be integrated into
    your own sentences, and examples would be summarized. Evidence does not have to be given in
    order of the story – in fact, avoid putting things in order to help you avoid summary.
  3. All body paragraphs (II, III, and IV) end with the author’s explanation of how the evidence proves
    the point. No paragraphs will end with quotes or facts.
  4. This outline can be used as a blueprint when writing the paper. Each main point is its own

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write a 200-400 word discussion board post in which you answer the following
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