Write a 2 pages paper on healthcare ethics and cultural diversity.

Culture is diverse. hence whatever is valued by one community may not be so to the other. In health institutions, Elaine (2004, p. 250), observes that patients from the same ethnic background are dissimilar due to cultural diversities.&nbsp.

In healthcare services, practitioners are often faced with the challenge of whether to carry out medical procedures at the expense of cultural dictates of patients or adhere to the culture of patients other than medical procedures. This poses a very hard choice to make and calls for wisdom in the practice. To elucidate this dilemma, it is proper to illustrate using a case study. In our case, a five years old child is suffering from a massive hemorrhage due to a road accident, and her life is in critical condition. Doctors have established that the only way to save the child is through blood transfusion. However, her parents are Jehovah’s Witnesses and they are adamant about blood transfusion since it is against their religious belief. The doctors are therefore perplexed on whether to save the life of the child or bow to the cultural beliefs of her parents. It is important to take note that the child is only five years old, and according to the law, she cannot make vital decisions for herself.&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp.

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Write a 2 pages paper on healthcare ethics and cultural diversity.
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The bewilderment of doctors in this context is justifiable since culture, ethical code of conduct, and medical practice are intertwined. It is this inseparability that has prompted a requirement of medical practitioners to have an in-depth understanding of the cultural diversities of patients. Elaine (2004, p.259), states that it is important to develop a practice that is sensitive to culture. &nbsp.Code of conduct in health care also requires medics to avoid behaviors that may undermine the confidence of the community in the healthcare system. As a matter of professionalism, medics are expected to respect religion, culture, and customs with tolerance as entrenched in their code of conduct (Washington Hospital Health Care System, 2011). Patients have been given the autonomy to make informed choices concerning healthcare issues while doctors are to interpret and convey medical information to patients together with suggesting the best medication but are not mandated to decide for them.&nbsp. &nbsp.

As much as the doctors are in a dilemma in our scenario, it is important to note that human life is delicate and precious, hence should be highly cherished. In fact, the core business for their existence is to save lives. Culture is very important in shaping individuals and enhancing a sense of belonging but the value of life should be the overriding factor when one is to choose between life and culture. The doctors should, therefore, persuade the parents to make a wise and informed decision of allowing this child to go through blood transfusion, to save this life in good time. The best practice should be that, when medical practitioners are faced with such a dilemma, the rule of law and value of life should be accorded uttermost importance.

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