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Need help with my writing homework on Importance of the Learning Intentions. Write a 1750 word paper answering;

The teacher should start teaching the learners right from prior knowledge the learners know before introducing them to new knowledge and experiences (Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), 2014). This is exactly what the teacher did. he wanted the learners to apply the skills they have on playground seesaws and make their own from natural materials outside the school playground. Thus, the learners just transferred the knowledge and skills they use on playground seesaw to make another seesaw. These experiences promoted the spirit of creativity and confidence in the learners. the two are vital components of the learning process.

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Write a 1750 word paper answering
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The learning outcomes are the real results that emerge from the learning process, on the other hand, the learning principles are the guideline that guides teachers to provide effective learning (Susan, 2004). Indeed the learning outcomes were appropriate to the learning experiences since the learners started to develop a sense of autonomy and inter-dependence. EYLF, (2014) states that autonomy helps learners to work with little assistance from the teacher on the other hand inter-dependence aids in sharing their ideas of one another hence, collective teaching.

The two skills lead to faster learning unlike where the learners are over-dependent on the teacher. However, for these skills to develop fully, the teacher should have used various scenarios that would expose these learners to a variety of experiences.The curriculum designer should be more practical than being theoretical during the learning process (EYLF, 2014). Young learners need to be exposed to learning experiences that are more practical in nature for them to understand well. This is because they have little cognitive domain for grasping theoretical knowledge (Ewing, 2013).

Learning through play is another philosophy that ought to be applied to early childhood learning.&nbsp.The teacher should plan the lessons in a way that includes games to make the learners remain active (ACARA, 2014).

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