Write a 17 pages paper on learning through touch.

In many instances, children who are deafblind or multi-sensory impaired (MSI) may also have additional physical and health problems that limit their ability to move about in the world as freely and independently as possible. The disability of deafblindness or a multi-sensory impairment (MSI) presents unique challenges to teachers who must make sure that the person who has varying degrees of visual and hearing impairment, possibly combined with learning and physical disabilities, has access to the world beyond the limited reach of his or her eyes and ears.

They must try to include them in learning and in experiencing the physical environments that surround them. If they do not, the child will not have the opportunity to develop (Department of Education, 2011. Huebner et al., 1997. Joffee & Rikhye, 1997. McInnes, 1999. McInnes & Treffry, 2001).In this assignment, I aim to discuss the reasons why children who are deafblind or multi-sensory impaired (MSI) are more reliant on touch or their tactile senses to experience the world. This assignment is divided into the following sections.

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Write a 17 pages paper on learning through touch.
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Firstly, I have attempted to define the function of touch in the development of a deafblind or multi-sensory impairment (MSI) child. Secondly, I have outlined the abilities of one particular pupil as I observed him over the period of two weeks in order to gain an insight into his learning. I have provided information about the child’s special educational needs based on references to information in the school class files, archived materials (medical reports) and my own observations. Thirdly, I have tried to point out the various challenges that were presented to me during the course of my observations.

Finally, I will consider how to develop his early tactile skills.My role in relation to this project was chiefly&nbsp.concerned with observing and working with the pupil. It was important to collaborate with his teachers and support staff as they could provide additional knowledge and experience of the child.

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