Write a 10 pages paper on building an ethical organization albuquerque health care.

Our social services in checking substance abuse, Aids Prevention and Case Management, Counseling, and Outreach Programs are making a positive difference in the lives of an increasing number of families. We have yet not become the largest health care organization in Albuquerque, Los Lunas, Belen, and Peralta area as envisaged earlier, but we have woven an organization culture based on core ideas stated in our Mission Statement and Values Statement and adherence to ethics and keeping service before self.

This has been possible only with the unflinching support and leadership of the management and dedication of the staff. Albuquerque Health Care has earned commendations from the government, the people, the patients, community, and our suppliers for being an organization that has never compromised on ethics, our values, the commitment of purpose and quality in dispensing our services. . It is worth mention that we have not only delivered quality health care to the people of but have also earned many an honor for being an organization committed to ethics and integrity.

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Write a 10 pages paper on building an ethical organization albuquerque health care.
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However, in these two years, we also encountered difficulties in our functioning, which has made us introduce changes in our policy. We will discuss these changes in the points below:All the 16 health care activities mentioned in Organizational Report 1 are being carried out in these seven departments. Each department is headed by a senior member of the staff, who directly reports to the Director (Health Services) once a week. The Administrative work is looked after by a General Manager, who reports once a week to the Director (Admin and Finance).

The Ethics Committee is headed by Director (Ethics) and has the General Manager as the permanent member. Three heads of the department serving in the Ethics Committee for six months on a rotational basis. The Ethics Committee has formulated an Ethics Book. Every three months there is an Ethics Audit and a Compliance Report is generated, which is discussed in the specially called Board of Directors meeting on Ethics. The Ethics Booklet is a ready-made dossier to be consulted in case an ethical issue arises.

There are 36 staff members including doctors, nurses, paramedics, technologists, social workers, and helpers. On any given day we receive an average of 76 cases related to all the departments.&nbsp.

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