Write a 1 page paper on project management (heathrow airport).

Write a 1 page paper on project management (heathrow airport). Project Management (Heathrow Airport) Affiliation This project requires a mobile communication technology. Refurbishing Heathrow Airport Terminal&nbsp.1 needs efficient information and data flow between all the agencies, such as staff, contractors, technicians, project manager and engineers. According to Abdel-Wahab and El-Masry (2010), in a renovation project, the information/data framework plays a significant role in the attainment of the set goals. This project encounters some challenges, such as lack of proper communication among the staff members and agencies. Also, it is facing numerous technological, structural, environmental challenges which hamper the delivery process. All these challenges can be addressed swiftly and urgently with an adoption of a mobile communication technology system that will convene ideas, opinions, approvals, procurement and recommendations while on the site. This will save the time that would have been incurred when problems arise, some that may require managerial approvals.

User-friendly mobile communication technology systems are invaluable for the staff members. This will help in formulating a smooth implementation process, besides providing the end users with help and support services if need be. According to Ahuja, Yang and Shankar (2009), the mobile communication technologies are adopted in project management, in the present day. It is apparent that some of these mobile communication technologies are sometimes affected by some factors including harsh locations and sites, staff size or IT capacities. However, this mobile ICT adoption is viable in this project considering that the IT department is capable of adopting and engaging the staff and agencies in the training process and implementation.

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Write a 1 page paper on project management (heathrow airport).
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An airport construction, expansion or renovation project, operating under a functional and sustainable mobile communication framework integrates project managers and staff members in the entire organisation’s communication system. This further helps in the successful completion of a project (Abdel-Wahab & El-Masry 2010). This is very useful considering that the IT department is facing a major network challenge because. they had to replace the existing within terminal buildings. In this regard, normal communication is hampered and the only way out is an effective mobile ICT.


Abdel-Wahab, AG, El-Masry, AAA 2010, Mobile information communication technologies

adoption in developing countries: Effects and implications, IGI Global, United States.

Ahuja, V, Yang, J, & Shankar, R 2009, ‘Study of ICT adoption for building project management

in the Indian construction industry, Automation in Construction, vol. 18, no. 4, pp. 415-


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