Write a 1 page paper on project management for healthcare.

Write a 1 page paper on project management for healthcare. Running Head: Project management for Healthcare and Its Potential Risks. Project Management for Healthcare. College Subject


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Write a 1 page paper on project management for healthcare.
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Management a project in healthcare or any other field can be accompanied with a number of challenges or risks which may devastate the project’s success if not well managed. The risks may come from every part or any stage of the project. risks may come from IT/systems, people, regulatory environment or even nature. It is therefore to anticipate risks and plan mitigation measures in the case the unfortunate eventuality. The risks associated with IT are some of the most important risks and should be minimized at all costs, but risks can come from other areas.

IT risks may involve computer viruses, hacking, phishing or completed system crashes. In healthcare these have very high risk levels as they may result in loss of important electronic records for the organization and patients thus wreaking havoc to the whole system. IT risks may also involve the project information being accessed by others who may want to use it. The financial element of project management can also be a potential risk to healthcare projects. if for some reason the organization does not have enough finances for the project then it may be brought to a complete halt. Liability issues are also common in healthcare involving management of patients and their information and thus project managers must put into consideration. Risks coming directly from the project may include doing something for the first time, changes in crucial requirements, poor estimation of resources and lack of clarity in definition of responsibilities. There may also be external risks in the forms of natural catastrophes, and regulations e.g. on manufacturers of medical instruments and pharmaceutical companies. People risks include lack of proper controls, poor relations, lack of leadership, organizational designs being poor, lack of conflict management programs in place and people lacking proper skills to communicate.

In conclusion therefore project management for healthcare is not an easy task. so many events some unexpected may pose risks which may make it very hard to successfully run a project. Risks range from IT, issues, financial resources, the environment, people issues and natural events. It is therefore to anticipate challenges upfront when running with projects and plan some mitigation plans in order to ensure the project is a success.


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