Write 9 pages thesis on the topic employment relations in the organization

Write 9 pages thesis on the topic employment relations in the organization: conciliation and arbitration service. Conciliation occurs when the organization tries to find out the issues that bring disputes between the parties. The reason for conciliation is to aid the parties to come to a mutual agreement in solving their differences. Therefore, conciliation seeks to give the parties in a dispute the room to evaluate their differing positions before coming to a conclusion. In conciliation, ACAS l meets both parties in private before bringing them together with an aim to rebuild the bruised relationship. In addition, any decision arrived at is legally binding upon the parties. In addition, ACAS uses arbitration. In arbitration, the parties in a dispute usually agree to involve a third party in case of a dispute arising to decide on the dispute and make any awards where applicable. ACAS is more informal in this, and it avoids formal processes that go on in courts such as formal pleadings and documentaries. Parties coming for arbitration in ACAS must first agree to take part (Gennard and Judge 2005). The agreement must be in writing outlining the issues to be negotiated. In addition, the terms of reference are determined by the disputing parties, and where they are not able, they are helped by an ACAS conciliator. The organizations are committed to good conduct and fairness with their decisions being final, and the awards given difficult to be challenged. Mediation is the third method used by ACAS, and it bears some similarities with the arbitration. The major difference is that no awards can be got from mediation. The mediators usually take an active role in dispute resolution proceedings to help the disputing parties find solutions. After that, the mediators make recommendations to the parties, and it’s upon the parties to implement the recommendations (Gennard and Judge 2005). ADR is any process apart from litigation before a judge or jury where a neutral third party aids or decides on the determination of the disputed issues.

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Write 9 pages thesis on the topic employment relations in the organization
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