Write 8 pages with APA style on Six Measurements of Cooling Tower.

Write 8 pages with APA style on Six Measurements of Cooling Tower. The setup’s QOUT ranged from 607.23-1121.38 Watts, while the COP values ranged were from 5.10 to 9.17. the make-up water flow was 0.417 to 0.750 g/s. The uncertainty analysis carried on set-up F, the set up that experienced the highest make-up water flow rate, showed error values of approximately 24.97 % when the make-up flow is calculated from the first method, while 19.92 % when directly measured make-up flow are used. the two methodologies were within required value limits.

The main experimental setup objective was to gain an understanding of both the usage and functions of cooling towers. analysis of the coefficient of performance (COP) of the cooling tower, values of measured make-up water flow, and heat removed. The following lab experiment was aimed at the cooling water circuit in order to find the cooling load, energy used in pumping water and air.

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Write 8 pages with APA style on Six Measurements of Cooling Tower.
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. Engineers work on transferring heat from the cooling towers into the atmospheric air with the consideration of other metrics, for example, cost and water retention. The cooling towers are used in the rejection of the plants’ waste heat into the atmosphere. in addition, they cool the circulating water through the plant. Power plants, or heat engines, utilize the second law of thermodynamics in rejecting waste heat to the environment when producing work. The cooling process is carried via reduction or taking away of hot liquid from the plant’s condenser, and then directing or transferring the heat from the hot liquid to the atmosphere. mostly water is utilized as the thermal heat sink.

The load tank has two electrical heaters for the simulation of the cooling load for the power plant. Heated water in the load tank is pumped via a water flow meter and control valve to the water distributing system at the top.

Distilled water is used when filling the makeup tank.&nbsp.

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