Write 8 pages with APA style on International Assignments of Human Resources.

Write 8 pages with APA style on International Assignments of Human Resources. The specific issues covered in the study include expatriates, pre-departure training components, expatriates performance appraisal, selection and recruitment strategies for expatriates, staffing alternatives, the importance of offering high-quality mentoring for expatriates and how to measure return on investment for international assignments.

Pre-departure training is very crucial for workers who have been assigned an international mission to represent their companies (Harzing & Pinnington, 2010). The training equips the assignees with the company’s objectives and personal coping mechanisms in the host country in order to avoid the pre-mature return of the expatriates. It enables the expatriates to relate between the host country and home country and establish the mechanisms for overcoming challenges that may arise as a result of differences between the two countries (Stahl et al., 2012).

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Write 8 pages with APA style on International Assignments of Human Resources.
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The company’s workers will have to be sensitized about the cultural differences between the home country and host country (Stahl et al., 2012). Various nations have different cultures that may affect the expatriates relate with business partners and citizens in the host country. Inadequate understanding of the&nbsp.background&nbsp.of the people in the host country can make the lives of the expatriates extremely difficult and can result to conflict due to what may be seen as interference or disrespect of culture of the people in the host country by the expatriates (Stahl et al., 2012). Therefore, pre-departure training aims at orienting the expatriates with information regarding the cultural values of the host country in order to alleviate culture shock as the expatriates take up their new jobs. The amount of training offered will depend on the prior exposure of the expatriates to particular of the country they&nbsp.expect to operate&nbsp.(Harzing & Pinnington, 2010).&nbsp.This entails&nbsp.briefing the expatriates of their roles and duties in a foreign country.

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