Write 8 pages thesis on the topic psychological, behavioural and emotional traits within an individual.

This made the prisoners suffer from excessive emotional trauma and nervousness. This experiment was meant to showcase how behaviour in human beings can be affected by situations. When guards were placed in a situation where they yielded much power, they abused that power and behaved not to live their normal lives. On the other hand, the prisoners did not yield power or freedom, which ended up being submissive and disheartened (Geoff, 2010). This experiment is revealed new knowledge since people were not aware of their emotional state under such conditions.

Watson, a famous psychologist, conducted an experiment to display how expressive reactions can be naturally conditioned in human beings. The experiment was known as “Little Albert”. A child named “Little Albert” was used in the experiment. The child was open to elements or stimuli such as a rabbit, masks, a monkey, newspapers that were burning, and a white rat in colour (Richardson, Goodwin & Vine, 2011). At first, the child did not exhibit any fear of any objects it was exposed to.

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Write 8 pages thesis on the topic psychological, behavioural and emotional traits within an individual.
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Later on, after a sometimes, a white rat was exposed to the child. Watson then produced a deafening noise by striking on a metallic pipe, making “Little Albert” break into tears. The experiment was carried out by pairing the deafening noise with the rat, and Albert would break into tears every time he saw the rat. The experiment showed a new knowledge of how classical conditioning reinforces an expressive response (Steven, 1993). Solomon, a psychologist who practised his skills in the 1950s, came up with a sequence of experiments that showed how compliance in groups yielded power.

The experiments were known as “The Asch Conformity Experiments.” At the end of these experiments, the people questioned why they had towed with a certain group. Most of the participants always stated that they knew that the group they had towed along with was incorrect, but they wanted to avoid being ridiculed. A few others actually thought that other participants in the group had provided correct answers.

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