Write 8 pages thesis on the topic how do the media portray applied psychology.

Write 8 pages thesis on the topic how do the media portray applied psychology. Media is an important vehicle for getting the message across to the right frame of the audience at the right time and in the right capacity possible. It would not be wrong here to suggest that the role of media in any field is more than any other social and cultural domain that has come of age in recent times. Media can literally shake the very basis of the disciplines and professions which are existent in the current times and it would not be long before we find out for our own selves that the media would take over our lives and start ruling us like none other. The question however present here is of understanding the relationship between applied psychology and the representation of the same in the different media forms like electronic, print, outdoor and others. (Guilford, 1950)

The relation between the different forms of media and the psychological basis depends entirely on the way the dependents, i.e. the consumers and end viewers think of it. It means the values attached to the media portrayals are important in their relation of the psychological self.

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Write 8 pages thesis on the topic how do the media portray applied psychology.
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The role of media in the ranks of the applied psychology brings into consideration the intricate aspects of gender portrayal as well as identity crisis at times. With this, there is the question of understanding the media activities and the players who actually run the whole show. (Groome, 2004) Applied psychology applies both at the industrial level within the media and also goes down towards the organizational basis. What this means is that the media stands at the crossroads of both of these significant areas. Media has a much larger role than it is perceivable at any point in time. Applied psychology regards the role of the media in the same light as it would give to any other significant feature within the cultural and social perspective. In all essence, applied psychology studies the mental processes&nbsp.and behavioral characteristics of the academic world and when we put the same within the context of the media we realize that the usage of applied psychology is true to quite a huge extent.

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