Write 7 pages with APA style on Relief in Dental Pain by Hypnosis.

Write 7 pages with APA style on Relief in Dental Pain by Hypnosis. As early as in Imperial Germany, hypnosis used to be used extensively in medical therapy for dealing with complaints like migraine, trauma, and even toothache (Wolffram 2012). During the beginning of the 20th century, hypnosis was a well-known psychosomatic intervention for relieving patients if not curing them. With the lapse of time, more research and laboratory experiments have defined hypnosis as a therapeutic tool. With the help of deeper knowledge and new technologies, Hypno-dissociative strategies have become rather popular in the 21st century, especially when relief from pain, anxiety, and trauma is needed. Dental treatment has been a prime area of interest in this field of study because several persons with dental problems have been reported to be anxious and nervous toward problems like a toothache. While applying dental treatment techniques such as the root canal treatment (RCT), dentists are now exploring the possibility of deploying Hypno-dissociative methods to relieve pain and anxiety. This is particularly helpful for those patients who suffer from a chronic phobia toward dental treatment and the pain associated with it (Meyerson and Uziel 2014).

Much earlier, researchers probably had not emphasized the use of dissociative techniques derived from or in association with hypnosis. For example, Katcher et al (1984) reported that hypnosis has no extraneous benefit in comparison with simple relaxation and diversion techniques. Yet, it is undeniable that even the critics of hypnosis have not been able to completely rule out its benefits with regard to pain management. Maxillo-facial and oriental treatment regimens (especially where surgical applications are involved) can be conducted with the assistance of hypnosis induced diversion and pain-relief. Patients suffering from even an acute stage of oriental pain have been reportedly benefited by implementing hypnosis (Jerjes et al 2007). However, there is still a gap in knowledge while exploring whether hypnosis can be helpful in relieving chronic dental pain.

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Write 7 pages with APA style on Relief in Dental Pain by Hypnosis.
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Instead of applying hypnosis for anesthetic use, can the technique be utilized for prolonged usage in chronic pain scenarios too? Innovative research work might be necessary for answering this question.

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