Write 7 pages thesis on the topic key counseling skills.

I have an interesting experience of attending a counseling session with one of my teacher friend. My teacher friend has some psychological problems in his profession and we decided to seek the advice of an expert. Both of us together visited the counselor who was a well-known psychologist. Fortunately, most of the counseling sessions were undergone in the presence of me also though on a few occasions the counselor asked me to vacate the room. So I got enough opportunity in getting well versed in counseling techniques.

My friend has immense beliefs in values and morals. He considered the teaching profession as a sacred one and was never ready to compromise on any occasions. In a world of high competition, the schools also competed rather unhealthily to secure top results. In order to get better results, the school authorities have advised my teacher friend to help the average and below-average students in examinations using malpractices. He was not ready to accept such things since his principles in life were against such an act.

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Write 7 pages thesis on the topic key counseling skills.
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He believed that helping students to get better marks in examinations is a sin and hence he refused to obey the orders of the school authorities. Though he succeeded in resisting the temptation from the school authorities, he has developed some kind of psychological problems out of the fear of losing the job. My teacher friend often discussed his problems with me and I suggested him for seeking the advice of a psychologist. The psychologist allowed me to attend the counseling session along with the teacher friend for the major sessions of the counseling period.

The counselor has started the session by asking the reason for our purpose of visiting him. I tried to answer this question on behalf of my friend which the counselor denied. He told me to remain silent and ask my friend to reply to this question. Soon I realized that the counselor is using the introspection method to read the mind of my teacher friend. My friend has started to explain his problems. Most of the times, the counselor&nbsp.remained silent. He was simply watching my friend’s gestures and method of explanation of his problems.&nbsp.

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