Write 6 pages with APA style on Preaching the Gospel of Christ in the Modern World.

Write 6 pages with APA style on Preaching the Gospel of Christ in the Modern World. Similarly, many times, the priests select the verses from one or more of the sixty-two books of the Holy Bible to include in the church service as a homily. Although the church ministers and priests had established the church decorum in the aftermath of Paul’s first letter to the church of Corinth (Latourette, 1975, p.196)2, yet apostles and saints had not defined one specific rule to be applied related to the homily. Consequently, both these traditions are followed by the ministers and priests at the churches.

Somehow, the churches maintain divergent views about the subject of homily being delivered to the people on Sunday as well as other days of the week. The supporters of selecting the same verses read from the Gospel for homily are of the opinion that since Gospel is taught during the church service, the same should be selected as homily as well. Aidan Kavanagh has also stated in his work that “the homily is always on the gospel of the day” (1982, p.27)3, which simply means that the church minister must take the material from Gospel for delivering homily to the people gathered for attending the church service. In most of the churches of England, the Second Service Lectionary is the appropriate provision for a Sunday afternoon or evening service, where a Gospel reading is always provided so that this lectionary can, if necessary, be used at Holy Communion (Church of England, 2010, p.5)4. Consequently, homily in the UK churches contains the parts of the Gospel already read by the attendants while standing. The supporters of applying the verses from Gospel in homily are of the opinion that since Eucharist is not complete without Gospel reading, and thus reading the same is compulsory and mandatory, the continuation of the identical part of the Holy Scripture would be beneficial in understanding the verses already studied en masse earlier. Secondly, it is actually the Gospel, which could be stated to be narrating the sacred life of Jesus Christ, which the Old and New Testaments are unable to give an account of.

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Write 6 pages with APA style on Preaching the Gospel of Christ in the Modern World.
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