Write 6 pages with APA style on Global Politics.

by deregulation requirements, opening its markets to transnational corporations and other regulations imposed upon it by the World Trade Organization. Thus, sovereignty, to such an extent is eroded. the state compromises some of its powers. actors other than the state take center stage. additional security issues have to be taken into consideration like transnational crimes, international terrorism, refugees and the like .

Ans.:Classical liberalism is liberalism that is centered on the individual and the capacity of that individual to make the right choices for his own self that eventually reflects and redound to the good and benefit of society in general.

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Write 6 pages with APA style on Global Politics.
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Both classical liberalism and neo-liberalism are founded on the basic tenets of freedom but while classical liberalism is individual-centered, neo-liberalism depends on the state to impose laws that promote free trade and market liberalism. The state does not leave it up to the individuals but takes the initiative to promote free trade where the individuals have as much as possible unfettered economic freedom and the state as little as possible role. Neo-liberalism, which was popularized sometime in the 1980s, is an offshoot of classical liberalism which is an older concept.

Ans.:Yes, because the actions of states or state strategies are supposed to be primarily geared for the protection and promotion of the national interest.

In this sense, it is therefore important to understand exactly what the national interest or interests are for the deeper understanding of the motivations of the actions of a particular state. Although the exact nature of national interest will depend largely on the time and period and sometimes from a subjective point of view, the concept of national interest almost always includes the following: the state’s jurisdiction, patrimony. assets and resources. national and cultural values, and. national goals and alliances.

Ans.:There are several theories.

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