Write 6 pages with APA style on Contextual Analysis of the Wave by Dennis Gansel.

Write 6 pages with APA style on Contextual Analysis of the Wave by Dennis Gansel. Dennis Gansel gives his audience various ideologies ascribed to dictatorship in the Movie, ‘The Wave’. This is described in various themes in the movie. One of the major ideologies that seem to form the basis of the movie is the theme of power. Moreover, he also described various ways that are usually applied by dictators and other leaders to seek massive support from a populace, basically, the theme of identity. In this regard, one may ask questions such as: How do they manage to brainwash masses to support their ideas? Therefore, it is prudent to argue that there are various specific ways used by autocrats to gain support from the masses.

Consequently, the director of the movie also seems to describe certain challenges that are usually experienced by dictators at the initial stages of convincing the public to accept their ideas. One of the major challenges emanates from the fact that their ideas may not be properly received by the populace they intend to lead.

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Write 6 pages with APA style on Contextual Analysis of the Wave by Dennis Gansel.
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For the conflict, the movie introduces the documentary watched by the students. These students have questions that the teacher can’t seem to have the answer to, a scenario that creates conflict. The question that disturbs the students and the teacher the most is that they cannot understand why the Germans did not stop Hitler from killing the millions of Jews. This question is not exactly fair for several reasons because that question has been floating around since the event and a solution has never been found so it would be unfair to expect one teacher to solve it.&nbsp.

Another reason is that the unfair treatment was spread out over Europe and hence answering that one question would lead to several others. This is just an example of the various questions that arise and remain unanswered since it is a very complicated topic so this qualifies it as conflict.&nbsp.

Out of the frustration faced by being unable to answer the questions raised by the students, the teacher decides that an experiment is in order. The teacher Rainer creates an environment that is similar in conditions to that which existed during the Nazi era.

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