Write 6 pages thesis on the topic the interdependence of government and society.

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic the interdependence of government and society. The business operates in a market environment with dominant economic forces affecting it (Merino, 2012). There is no consideration of non-economic factors in the running of the business. Therefore, political and social forces have weak or no impacts on a business. A government has limited influence on the economy as the market economy plays a key role. According to this model, market forces are beneficial to every member of society as a liberated economy uses economic resources to satisfy society’s needs. Due to this fact, government intervention is not necessary. The government is only required to correct social problems while managers are to ensure the efficiency and profitability of their companies or organizations.

Due to the benevolent nature of market forces, an individual can privately own property as he/she is risking his/her investment. The need for profit-making motivates a business owner as he/she invested his/her resources. However, due to the liberated economy, the competition, which exists in a market economy, limits the selfish interest of a business owner. The market causes the quality, quantity, and cost of services or property to affect the profits of a company as these factors attract or send away customers from the company. If a company increases, profits by charging highly elevated prices, low prices of products from a competitor will attract consumers. In the same case, if a company produces quality products while another produces low-quality products, customers will be attracted to the one producing higher quality products. The market economy thus controls itself for the good of everyone. There is thus no need for intensive intervention by the government.

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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic the interdependence of government and society.
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Capitalism model has four premises that guide the government, society, and business relationships.&nbsp.

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