Write 5 pages with APA style on The Republic and Aristotle.

Write 5 pages with APA style on The Republic and Aristotle. The aspect of individualism is opposed and the concept of people within the state working together as a system. The need to work together as a system ensures perceiving everyone is interrelated with each other. Here, the concept of individualism fails and people relate to each other the same way the body is interlinked with other organs.

In the Republic, Socrates uses four cardinal virtues in explaining the city as well as an individual to indicate how the best city needs to operate. To Socrates, these virtues remain essential for both the city and the people within the city an indication that these virtues need to be present for both the citizens and their state. The four cardinal virtues Socrates relates to while defining a city and the individual refers to justice, wisdom, fortitude as well as moderation. Of all the other virtues within an individual or the city, there exist only the four listed virtues as the origin of an indication that the four remain the essential virtues. The virtue of wisdom to Socrates refers to the ability of a person to present the best judgments relating to various actions while considering the best actions at any given time. To Socrates, the Guardians need to possess the virtue of wisdom as they possess the knowledge relating to how the city is run. Fortitude o the other hand relates to the courage that amounts to an individual’s ability to challenge fear, intimidation, as well as uncertainty. To Socrates, like the same way individuals need courage, cities should possess the courage to ensure confronting evils within the city.

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Write 5 pages with APA style on The Republic and Aristotle.
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In book VIII, Plato presents an argument against democracy through presenting social as well as psychological critiques. After presenting the five forms of regimes, an explanation of every form of the regime from its origin to where it leads the society is given. Democracy, therefore, results from the decline of oligarchy where the desire for wealth leads to higher interest rates eventually increasing the numbers of the poor while a few thrive. Those driven by utter poverty spend most of their time hating the wealthy while also plotting revolution. Since the rich ignore the sounds of the poor majority, the poor eventually set up revolutions and manage to remove the rich from power by killing a few of them. When the poor manage to get the rich out of power, they form a constitution that presents equality for all the members of the state without favor. The right to freedom remains the key goal of each within such a state and therefore there exists a failure in identifying the right individuals to take leadership positions. Consequently, there fails order or harmony within such a state as no particular individual is designated with the best role within a democratic state.

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