Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the creativity.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the creativity. This is a myth believed for most human history (to be creative, a person must be mad). However, the problem with this myth is that it assumes that creativity is derived from the psychological processes of neurosis or psychosis. In other words, it is a function of a troubled or disturbed mind. It makes sense that creativity was thought of as a type of pathology or sickness to be avoided. As such, creativity is something that goes against what is normal. Behaviorists would claim that creativity is something that is made up of those who want to believe it. They would say that humans are trained to perform tasks that lack creativity and require repetition. Based on this theory, there are two schools of thought. The first is that every situation is based on an earlier one. This means that situations and thus, outcomes are never any different from what has previously occurred. The second belief is that if a new situation is not similar to an earlier one, luck has played a huge part in the circumstances.

Creativity can belong to anyone and not just the talented few who are believed to be intellectuals. The problem is that when many of us think of creative individuals, we refer to a special talent. This talent can be the ability to draw, paint, sculpt, write, sing, dance, play music, or many more. However, creativity is much more than to perform an act that requires luck depending on one’s ability. creativity has the potential to exist in every one of us. Creativity is most commonly defined as the mental ability to imagine fresh, extraordinary or distinctive ideas or view a new connection between things that seem random or unrelated.

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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the creativity.
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In the article The Relationship Between Creativity and Innovation (2012), we can see just how innovation is defined. Innovation is defined as “the process that transforms those forward-looking new ideas into the real world (commercial) products, services, or processes of enhanced value” (“The Relationship Between Creativity and Innovation,” 2012). The transformation that results can either have a small, large, or drastic effect on the current situation. To put it another way, innovation can represent a predictable step in the right direction for a new concept, a huge step to the next stage of that concept, or a brand new and different method of doing something


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