Write 5 pages thesis on the topic analysis of handbook of practical program evaluation by wholey, hatry and newcomer.

The evaluation was conducted to help in planning evaluations that are used in improving the programs that have to be evaluated. Evaluation assessment is also essential in evaluating program designs, exploring the reality of programs, and ensuring that programs meet the objectives and goals, there is a clear definition of priority information, the clients and evaluators concur with the intended utilization of evaluation info. Evaluation is also essential in determining the problems that occur in evaluability assessment (Joseph, Harry, and Kathryn, 2007).

Evaluation can be used in the life cycle of a program by assessing the feasibility and the need for the program, designing and planning for the program, implementing the program, and improving the program.Evaluation is meant to measure performances of the programs, the ways that performance monitoring may support the evaluation of a program, and management of performance. The performance of a program is vital because it can help the evaluators identify the efficiency of the program. if the program is efficient it means the performance is commendable, but if the program is not efficient in its performance then it means the performance is not commendable.

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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic analysis of handbook of practical program evaluation by wholey, hatry and newcomer.
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Another goal is the determination of the program’s impact and provides logic modeling. Logic modeling helps in communicating effectively with program stakeholders to create helpful program logic models and avoiding pitfalls in modeling. Evaluability assessment is used in improving programs that are under evaluation.&nbsp.The use of the theory of logic models (program theory), which has features such as resources, activities, outputs, customers, and outcomes (Joseph, Harry, and Kathryn, 2007).

The resources include the financial and human resources that support the program such as partnerships. The information regarding the needs of the customer is a vital resource in the program. Activities in the logic model are the steps that are necessary for achieving the goal.

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