Write 4 pages thesis on the topic relationship between heavenly love and earthly love.

uses on the speech of Pausanias and Socrates, in the Symposium, and that of Augustine of Hippo, in explaining this concept of heavenly and earthly love. It will thereafter analyze any contrast or connection that exists between these teachings of love, with the ideas of Kant.

In the symposium, Pausanias denotes that the goddess of love is Aphrodite and there are two types of love, the earthly love, and the heavenly love. Aphrodite is associated with both. Through this speech, we are able to find out that the Greeks believed that all types of love emanates from god that is Aphrodite (Plato, 535).

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Write 4 pages thesis on the topic relationship between heavenly love and earthly love.
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This is both good and bad love. By good love, Pausanias means heavenly love, and by bad, love, Pausanias means common or earthly love. Pausanias believes that loving an individual is neither a positive nor a negative activity. This is because, if it is done properly, then this is a good love, and if it is done negatively, then it becomes a bad love (Plato, 536). Pausanias further believes that common love is bad. This is because the attraction that emanates from common love is indiscriminating, and it is always directed towards the body of an individual.

This is as opposed to their minds. It is therefore to the belief of Pausanias, that the fruits of common love involve lust, an interest in women and men, and other negative issues such as sodomy, lesbianism, and even homosexuality.

Relationships that are developed out of these issues emanate from common love, and they are only interested in the body of an individual, as opposed to the mind of an individual. Furthermore, the proponents of common love believe that when their target is less intelligence, then it is good.

This is because they can easily get their target, and misuse them. Based on these facts therefore, it is possible to denote that earthly or common love, is selfish, and unjust, hence it is a bad type of love. Socrates explains this concept of heavenly love, based on the views of Diotima.

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