Write 4 pages thesis on the topic capacity and legality.

Write 4 pages thesis on the topic capacity and legality. The law states that there are three classes of persons that may not have the mental capability or adequately developed minds to convene. They include the minors or infants, people suffering from mind defects or illnesses that are cruel enough to negate their mental ability, and individuals under the influence of alcohol whose intoxication is harsh enough to wipe out their mental capability. When a contracting person is impaired by mental defects to a level that he is formally adjudicated. then the contract is void and disaffirmed. In the case of Della and Perry, they can disaffirm the contract because they are highly intoxicated thus not in the right capacity of mind to meet the agreement conditions. The agreement is void.

2. Jasmine can disaffirm the following items: the tickets to the concerts, the medication recommended by her dermatologist for acne, and the down payment for the care. This is because her age does not permit het to enter into a contract with anyone. She does not have the mind competency to understand the requirements for her to enter into agreement. Her mental capacity does not allow her to buy medicine for herself and also to enter in to the cinemas.

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Write 4 pages thesis on the topic capacity and legality.
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3. Keeping the car means that her mother will enter into the contract with the other party on behalf of Jasmine. To ratify t5he agreement, Jasmine’s mother has to sign it on behalf of her daughter. Jasmines mother will be liable for the car agreement in case Jasmine does not honor the monthly payment agreements.

5. Alex should argue that his agreement was non-complete and the time allocated did not allow him to have the competency to complete to think through the agreement comprehensively. In addition, the contract is unenforceable since it is illegal for the firm to infringe the rights and the privileges of others. They could not give him a job continuously, thus he deserves a new job.


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