Write 2 pages thesis on the topic the will discuss how you will use horticulture in the future. this can include career choices to being a homeowner.

Horticulture Horticulture The increase in population and concentration of resources to the industrial sector has resulted in a decline in agriculture. Agriculture is considered a rural vocation with many youth venturing into the urban areas to look for employment. People have forgotten that one of the basic human needs, food comes from agriculture. Disruption of the chain of food production will result in chaos in the future. Governments have started investing in the agricultural sector to ensure that there is food security.

It is easy to obtain funding from the government to start an agricultural project compared to an industry in the modern world (Shry & Reiley, 2011).After completion of school, I plan to become self employed through venturing into the horticulture sector. This is the form of agriculture where the farmer ventures into plants that mature within a short period for human use. Horticulture is becoming a popular trend in the globe due to increase in population, which reduces the land available for conventional farming.

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Write 2 pages thesis on the topic the will discuss how you will use horticulture in the future. this can include career choices to being a homeowner.
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I will obtain a loan or grant from the government and lease a small piece of plant for farming. I plan to build a greenhouse, which will enable me to control the environment.The green house will enable me to grow a number of fast growing plants that will be sold in the local market. The funds from the sales will cater for personal expenses and service the loan acquired. The information learned from the agricultural class will enable me to select the right crops to plant depending on the demand in the market.

Future earnings will be invested towards increasing the size of the green house. The target market will be the local food stores and grocery stores.The benefits of horticulture farming include the increased resistance to disease and natural conditions by the plants. I will ensure that the customers enjoy organic products free from any chemicals. The foods planted in the green house also highly nutritious compared to the foods planted in the open fields. This is because nutrients are not lost to the environment through leaching and erosion.

I will practice mixed farming to ensure that nutrients are not used up in the soil. I also plan to rare animals like portray and rabbits to help replenish the nutrients in the soil. Droppings from the animals will help maintain the soil fertility (Shry & Reiley, 2011). Educating the future generation will ensure food security in the future. The youth should be taught how to undertake profitable farming that pays more than white-collar jobs. Smart farming ensures that farmer uses technology to farm efficiently.

I will use one of my green houses for teaching interested farmers the ways to use horticulture as an income source. Homeowners can use horticulture to provide nutritious foods for family use. The right step to increasing global food security is using available space to provide food for personal use and surplus for sale.I have learnt a lot from the agriculture class and my interest has been on horticulture. Young people should invest in horticulture as the nation strives to attain national food security.

Horticulture will enable the nation to increase its food production and reduce unemployment levels.ReferencesShry, C. L., & Reiley, H. E. (2011). Introductory horticulture. Clifton Park, NY: Delmar Cengage Learning.

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