Write 10 pages thesis on the topic impact of transnational diasporas on canadian literature.

Write 10 pages thesis on the topic impact of transnational diasporas on canadian literature. The literary history of Canada, which is undergoing change due to diasporic influence, can be pointed out here as an example. Canadian diasporic literature can be termed under the cross-fertilization and trans-cultural aspects of Canadian society. One can see that the diasporic literature of South Asian, Caribbean, African, and the Middle East is helpful to inculcate national consciousness and to deal with policies related to transnational issues. The acceptance shown by Canadian society towards minorities and diasporic cultures migrated to Canada prove that it attracts attention towards other unsolved issues like racism and discrimination. Thesis statement: Are the trans-national Diasporas like south Asian, Caribbean, and Indian cultures on Canadian Literature helpful to solve social, political, cultural and economic issues in Canadian society?

National Citizenship is gradually transforming into global citizenship and accelerating the process of cross-fertilization within different cultures and communities. This phenomenon reflects the personal experiences of individual writers, and eventually influences their literary creations in Exile. One can see that diasporic writing nourish both the source (one’s own culture) and the target culture (one’s life circumstance in exile). Besides, the Diaspora or life in exile creates the atmosphere to theoretical debates on chosen and involuntary migrations to other cultures/nations. But voluntary migrations are rare because people are forced to migrate to other nations due to political, social and economic reasons. For instance, the diasporic writing in Canadian literature consists of writers from every nook and corner of the world.

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Write 10 pages thesis on the topic impact of transnational diasporas on canadian literature.
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When one considers the problems related to diasporic life, political and economic problems come to the forefront and the diasporic writers are more concerned about this.

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