Write 10 pages thesis on the topic comparison and contrast between race and ethnicity.

Ethnicity comprises a shared history of a specific group of people such as region, dressing code, and eating habits among others. On the other hand, the race involves people who are defined by biological traits of physical characteristics. Therefore, despite these two terms being used interchangeably, they are different. however, they represent people and their differences, culturally and biologically. The main difference between these two terms is the fact that an individual can only belong to one race. however, one can have several ethnic affiliations.

Therefore, one cannot decide his race and has no control over it.In addition, no matter where an individual travels, he/she is viewed by his race, which can be offensive to certain individuals. For instance, if a British couple adopts an Asian baby, this child will be introduced to the British way of life, hence adopting the British ethnicity, which involves language, traditions, and customs. However, if he travels to another country, he will be regarded as an Asian, due to his appearance and physical characteristics, despite being a British citizen.

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Write 10 pages thesis on the topic comparison and contrast between race and ethnicity.
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Therefore, ethnicity creates room for change, whereby, an Asian can reject his own ethnicity and adopt a British ethnicity. However, he cannot reject his race because it is visible in his appearance. Therefore, the main difference between race and ethnicity is that ethnicity can be abandoned and a new one acquired, but race cannot be altered, regardless of one’s citizenship or location. Needless to say, gender roles also fall under ethnicity, as well as language. Generally, ethnicity comprises a small population of people compared to a race. this is because individuals can be of the same race, but adapt to different ethnicity.

Race does not involve culture and behavior mainly because different individuals from the same race are likely to adopt different cultures and behaviors, while their race remains intact.

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