Write 1 page with APA style on Traditional Structured Design.

Write 1 page with APA style on Traditional Structured Design. Traditional Structured Design Roles of Hierarchical Nature of Traditional Structured Design The hierarchical nature of the conventional structured design facilitates effective communication among various technical experts. Through the traditional structured hierarchical nature, actors in an intricate system design integrative communication and interaction mechanisms that enhance effective operation and understanding of the system operation. The hierarchical nature of traditional structured design is also critical in enhancing reliable application of the learnt knowledge among system designers and component engineers. The hierarchical nature also has a role of facilitating specialisation among experts in a given system (Nam Pyo, 2007).

Architectures and systems naturally inclined to a hierarchy

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Write 1 page with APA style on Traditional Structured Design.
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Based on the available information, directory system is naturally inclined to hierarchy (Zahir & Omran, 2001). The assumption that directory system is naturally inclined to hierarchy is because the directory system offers reliable mechanisms that facilitate effective communication among technical experts. The system is also inclined to hierarchy since it offers comprehensive database for all organisation actors. The availability of reliable and detailed database also ensures that all authorised professionals have access to the available information. The directory system uses reliable agents and technology in transmitting information from the sender to the receiver. The directory system also has various protocols that facilitate effective operations of hierarchical structure in modern institutions.

Systems and architectures less inclined to a hierarchy

The Peer-to–Peer networking system is less inclined to a hierarchy. The less inclination to the hierarchy of Peer-to-Peer networking system is due to the reality that, the system have decentralised distribution network. The existence of decentralised network hinders effective communication in a hierarchical nature of traditional structured designs. Moreover, instead of having reliable agents to facilitate effective communication, the system actors serve as both the customers and suppliers of resources. The Peer-to-Peer system also lacks the required privacy essential in the communication process. Besides, the system facilitates sharing of information among all interconnected peers (Jayasumana, 2012).


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Nam Pyo S. (2007). Axiomatic Design – Advances and Applications. New York, NY : Oxford University Press

Zahir T. & Omran B. (2001). Fundamentals of distributed object systems: the CORBA perspective.

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