Write 1 page thesis on the topic the role of managers in organization

Write 1 page thesis on the topic the role of managers in organization. The Role Of Managers In Organization

Strengths will always give ‘lengths’ to reach one’s targets. The strength of mine includes the ability to think logically. The success or failure of an activity depends on the role. the manager plays particularly the personal and the HR managers. The managers by following certain managerial skills can ‘sprinkle’ success on the lives of the workers, by making work productively. The managerial skills will be visible and should be put to effective use when the manager as a ‘builder’ builds a solid working group. The managers can build a group, needed for specific tasks and to achieve the intended targets, apportioning or recruiting individuals with talent, knowledge and attitude. With this ‘living’ group, and the material things like capital, machines, infrastructure etc the managers will embark on an organization. But, in most cases, the managers will normally take over or manage an existing organization and its employees.

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Write 1 page thesis on the topic the role of managers in organization
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Assignment #3 u02d1 Project – Research Essay: Explore Topic

Steps to reach the working thesis statement

Analyzed the role of employees in an organization

Find out whether they need to be motivated

The avenue through which the employees can be motivated

Incentive program will motivate the employees

If the employees are motivated, they will work optimally with excellence

The result of excellence is the actual rewarding

Rewarding and elevated motivation levels will surely lead to retention

The methodology used to analyze the topic thesis how motivation, excellence and importantly retention levels can be optimized by developing an optimal incentive program for the managers and the employees involves analysis of close to 6 sources, including books, journals and websites. Using these sources and the common concepts about leadership, motivation, recruitment, training and importantly retention, this research or research part of the paper will be done. The method of research for this study will mainly come from the secondary sources, specifically for the enterprise. That is, as the paper discusses the how motivation and retention levels can be optimized by developing an optimal incentive program, without reference to any particular organization, additional information to explain its strategies and structure has to be sourced from secondary sources. The information from secondary sources can be maximally correlated to do the paper and explain the problem statement. That is, the role of the incentive programs for increasing the motivational levels can be firstly analyzed and then that optimum motivation will translate into high retention levels for the organization. Methodology plays an important role for the research essay, and should be spelled out to get an idea or roadmap on how the objectives of the paper are realized.

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