Write 1 page thesis on the topic the relationship between objectivity and subjectivity in essay writing.

Write 1 page thesis on the topic the relationship between objectivity and subjectivity in essay writing. Essay writing involves a writer expressing themselves on a presentation that was based on the five human senses. This chapter is an emphasis of the fact that writers are required to write essays that describe various phenomena, which they should explain in a manner that helped the reader understand the content of the essay. In line with this, the chapter essentially underlines that different essays have varied writing styles with each style focusing on a particular level of description that a writer should use. One other noteworthy point highlighted by the chapter regards the relationship between objectivity and subjectivity in essay writing and with regard to the underlying principles that guide description. In this case, a writer can describe an object without relying on their personal experiences and emotions about the object they described. In effect, the writer is objective in their description. Conversely, a writer may express their personal feeling and opinion regarding an object, which makes the subjective in their description.

Overall, the chapter is crucial in outlining the various ways that a writer can use description in writing quality essays. First, the chapter highlights the importance of focusing on a particular line of thought regarding the subject of discussion. In this case, writers are supposed to base the content of their essay on a thesis statement, which becomes the line of thought throughout the essay. Conversely, the chapter highlights the use of description in choosing content that a writer should include in their essay while ensuring that the content of the essay is in line with the thesis statement, which is the essay’s dominant impression. Thereafter, the writer should ensure that the contented is organized and presented using vivid sensory language and sentence structure that was varying in order to provide a description based on the dominant impression of the essay.

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Write 1 page thesis on the topic the relationship between objectivity and subjectivity in essay writing.
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