Write 1 page thesis on the topic instruction memo

Write 1 page thesis on the topic instruction memo. Memorandum to (insert regarding the un ized procurement action (insert MEMORANDUM FOR: (insert (Insert SUBJECT: Lack of Sufficient Information

In your cancellation memo of an unauthorized commitment, it has been established that some critical information and even attachments relation to the contract are missing.

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Write 1 page thesis on the topic instruction memo
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In line with the standards of writing a cancellation or a ratification request memorandum, adequate detail and information describing the actions and circumstances that invalidate the commitment should be addressed. Furthermore, the cancellation memo should have mentioned any subsequent safeguards and practices that will be put in place to make sure that the situation at hand does not occur again.

In this case, what is missing is:

1. A clear mention of the requirements along with a clarification of how the unsanctioned procurement action transpired, and why the program was considered valid in terms of meeting program requirements. The memo does not sufficiently tell why the action was considered valid in the first place.

2. The memo fails to mention the basis on which Amazon Services was actually selected. In most cases, such services require someone who has far-reaching knowledge of the vessel and must have provided similar in the recent past or offered the opportunity under competitive procedures.

3. A clear statement of any clearances as well as approvals received for the procurement action considered unauthorized, including the names and titles of the people who ratified the contract. In this case, none of these statements is provided or directions indicating that it is attached.

4. A statement describing the nature of the unsanctioned procurement and the persons involved, including organizational leaders who were aware of the action and did nothing to top it.

In this case, nothing is actually mentioned, so it leaves people quizzing who actually was aware or who sanctioned the procurement action. In fact, what comes out looks like the author also participated in the process only to rescind upon realizing it would cost a lot.

Memorandum to HCO Recommending Approval of Ratification Action


MEMORANDUM FOR: Anthony B. Kelly


FROM: Lynnette Johnson

Chief, Atmospheric Section

SUBJECT: Ratification of Unauthorized Commitment

The following is a summary of the details surrounding the ratification of an unauthorized action in which additional repairs done of the ship Antoine National Marine Sanctuary, Chicago, Illinois.

a. On Thursday, July 20, 2010 research vessel suffered a shattering failure to the starboard diesel engine and associated running gear. The starboard main engine overheated causing damage to the associated running gear. shaft, propeller, bearings and rudders. This failure rendered the vessel unable to operate in a safe manner and emergency repairs were required.

b. Operations Coordinator determined that emergency drydock repairs were necessary and contracted Amazon Services. The vessel was safely stored for the weekend since the work would not commence until Monday, July 24, 2010 to surmise the extent of the damages and give an estimate for repair.

c. A contracted captain for the vessel was appointed to oversee the repair in my absence. However, upon further inspection of the vessel, we discovered that the amount that has been agreed is too high.

d. It is for this reason that the contract has been terminated.

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